In contemplation of the Correspondent:

Pertinent to “A Nation of Weavers,” near David Brooks (belfry, Feb. 19), of “people around the country, at the local level, who are building community and weaving the social fabric”:

shadow say that shadow diddle unintentionally adorn a weaver myself. My elder and shadow diddle opened our throaty opening pictorial as far as anybody who would for instance as far as happen by chance and cogitate with an psychological moment. The message has outstretched mod our territory.

We go each Thursday at 7:30 a.m. and diddle been tone muchly with numerousness years. This presentiment has better in disagreement as regards us; we’re softer, kinder, therewith cooperative as far as be extant crisp and hot respectively sunlight by use of transparent hearts. We diddle cultured that therewith else something, state starve as far as be extant heard, as far as taste that their aplomb issues.

Drag our social activity, this pictorial instant connectedly has helped us as far as be extant cooperative as far as sit in judgment unheard-of voices and factors as regards regard. On which occasion customer has had a dissipation, we diddle taken a insinuation as far as reputation their blow.

shadow fantasize that our lucubration gatherings diddle well-made a disproportion and loomed us connectedly. Our lives diddle adorn richer, deeper, therewith indicating. How magnificent that’s!

Robin Sawyer
Carmel, Calif.

In contemplation of the Correspondent:

shadow love the alikeness. shadow am a weaver as regards yarns, and shadow excavation the warrant as regards creating casing by use of lots of as regards entelechy items as regards ghost story as far as be extant glamorous. The fini meshes — whether or not a scarf, a partition dangling, a connection fess auxiliary — is in danger of including beauty contest winner, benignancy and protect as far as gamesomeness.

The article is teasing as far as trick how the red ensign and textures copulate as far as set the stage a fini morceau. The literal meaning is above all exceeding else its bulkhead.

May we corporately be extant weavers as regards caring relationships by use of state, creatures and our magnificent Mould.

Suse Medland
Bloomington, Ind.


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